Low-Cost Flat Renovation

/Users/rafagomo/Desktop/Robadors 6/Rie Lars Apartment_Carmela_17
Floor plan before renovation (left) and after (right). 

For this small apartment renovation project in Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella district, an awkward and inefficient spatial organization was remedied by redistributing uses, consolidating daytime spaces, and reducing corridor length. A kitchen became a bathroom, while a small living room, a storage space, and a stretch of corridor were consolidated into a single, larger living room incorporating a new kitchen. Clerestory windows between the new bathroom and living room, as well as tall sliding doors between the bedrooms and the living room, allow light and views to penetrate the entire apartment, thereby “enlarging” the flat. The refurbishment of this 45 m2 flat was done with a budget of 16 thousand euro (356 € / m2).

Structural consultant: Carmela Torró Micó

Contractor: Joan Fontbernat Fontbernat

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