Light Pavilions

Light Pavilions is part of a video installation titled Quadern de bitàcola (Logbook) by the late Spanish artist Chema Alvargonzález at Tinglado 2, a 19th-century warehouse in the port of Tarragona used as an exhibition space for installation art. Three pavilions serve as beacons and as places to sit down, put on headphones, and enjoy Chema’s videos or browse the pages of his Quadern. Each of the three dismountable pavilions consists of three prefabricated elements: two “L” shaped walls and a flat roof; constructed out of lightweight steel hollow-sections and plywood. The L-shaped walls are illuminated by differently colored fluorescent tubes behind vertical visors at each extremity, creating a play of colors on the pavilions’ wall surfaces while providing illumination and orientation within the large, cavernous historical warehouse.

About Rafael Gomez-Moriana

Architect, educator and writer. Partner at ArqEstructura. Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Calgary. Blogger at

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