Quick ‘n’ Cheap Architecture: Ephemeral Urban Micro-Interventions

In this workshop seminar, students researched Iberian urban public space typologies through a series of ephemeral micro-interventions. The temporary physical interventions were not allowed to require more than 20 minutes to be assembled, documented, and disassembled; could not cost more than €10 in materials; were not allowed to hinder or block public space; and no traces whatsoever were to be left behind after disassembly. Works could be documented using photography and/or video. The micro-interventions had to achieve maximum impact using minimum means. “The quicker ‘n’ cheaper, the better.”

Amber Salach: canopy supported by air emitted from pavement ventilation grate, Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona
Clark Kim: plastic bag kite flown at Madrid Sol metro station entrance
Erik Fung: changed color of public space lighting using plastic bags
Jayant Gupta: arranged bird food according to the geopmetry of different public squares
Amanda Gilbert: flour placed on pavement according to shadows that move
Geoffrey So: floated paper boats in water at Alhambra, Barcelona Pavilion, street puddles…
Steve Culver: water from Barcelona public fountains painted onto paving stones with mop
Vanessa Worrell
Vanessa Worrell: public statues ‘detourned’ into pickpockets

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